Types of reverse osmosis water filters have gained a lot of publicity in recent years. They have been the subject of news articles, TV shows and even court cases. Many consumers have decided that these types of filters are essential to maintaining good health. It is true that they remove certain types of contaminants, but they also remove healthy minerals such as calcium from drinking water.

How to Choose Types of Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

types of reverse osmosis water filters

Reverse osmosis filters are designed for “purification through sub micron filtration.” That means that they only remove contaminants with a size smaller than pore size of the filter. This does not mean they are ineffective. Actually, the only part of the water purification process that they provide is the removal of large particulates. But, if you are looking for a way to improve your water quality, you would be better off by using a multi-stage system that includes a pre-filtration step, granular carbon, ion exchange or a sub micron filter.

Pre-filtration is necessary because most chemicals and organic compounds can be dissolved in a small amount of water. Water can only pass through some compounds. The most common is Chlorine, which is present in all natural water supplies. In order to trap chlorine, the reverse osmosis water filter must have a carbon block and a sub micron filter. Once the water passes through the pre-filter, it will be purified and contain contaminants that are larger than water, but smaller than the particle size of the pre-filtered particles.

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