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Alloy designs are the answer to the high price of fiberglass and other similar designs. Alloy wheels are actually a sub-class of magnesium alloys, which combine the magnesium’s strengths with the materialization of aluminum. These are lightweight designs that offer amazing performance and outstanding durability. The alloys do not change the mechanical or structural properties of cast iron wheels, so they are often compared to fiberglass and even carbon fiber wheels.

Many Different Sizes and Surface Materials

Alloy designs

These alloys combine the strength of both cast iron and aluminum and even have the hardness of diamond in their composition. Alloy wheel designs are available in many different sizes and surface materials. These include steel, magnesium, titanium, aluminum, and several other types of alloys. High-performance alloy wheels combine the best of several different wheel types to provide extreme strength at an affordable price.

Many truck manufacturers, both large and small, are turning to heavy duty truck designs to haul freight and carry heavy loads over long distances. The new, lightweight truck designs use lightweight truck wheel designs that are lighter than any previous designs and yet stronger than traditional steel wheels. Many of these alloys feature high tensile design and super high compressive strength, along with excellent heat treat properties that make them ideal for use in a variety of applications. Some examples of truck alloys with these qualities are the 2021 truck series, which features both forged and double walled steels.

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