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file icon Adaptation of small scale farmers to climatic risk in indiapopular!Tooltip 11.04.2012 Clicks: 809
file icon Agricultural technologies for climate change in developing countriespopular!Tooltip 15.01.2013 Clicks: 610

Potential constraints to innovation involve both the private and public sectors in both developing and developed countries. The process of transferring agricultural innovations across agroecological and climatic zones is often subject to agronomic constraints. Often, the most binding constraints occur at the adoption stage, with several factors that potentially impede poor farmers’ access to and use of new technologies. Based on discussions of these constraints, we derive six policy principles and use these principles to suggest several specific investments and policy priorities. 


By: Travis J. Lybbert and Daniel A. Sumner


Food Policy 2012

file icon Agro-ecological approaches to enhance resiliencepopular!Tooltip 25.06.2012 Clicks: 677

The Green Revolution has performed well in well‑endowed areas with a stable climate, adequate water supply and access to inputs and cheap energy. But the necessary fertilizers, pesticides, farm equipment and fuel are derived from dwindling and ever more expensive fossil fuels. At the same time, climatic extremes are becoming more frequent and intensive agricultural systems show a lower resistance and higher vulnerability to such fluctuations. Fortunately, there are alternatives that enhance resilience and ensure high yields. 


By Clara Inés Nicholls, Miguel A. Altieri


Jun 2012

file icon Agroecology and the design of climate change-resilient farming systemspopular!Tooltip 22.06.2015 Clicks: 684

The identification of systems that have withstood climatic events recently or in the past and understanding the agroecological features of such systems that allowed them to resist and/or recover from extreme events is of increased urgency, as the derived resiliency principles and practices that underlie successful farms can be disseminated to thousands of farmers via Campesino a Campesino networks to scale up agroecological practices that enhance the resiliency of agroecosystems. The effective diffusion of agroecological technologies will largely determine how well and how fast farmers adapt to climate change.


By: Miguel A. Altieri, Clara I. Nicholls, Alejandro Henao, Marcos A. Lana.


Agron. Sustain. Dev. January, 2015

file icon Agroforestry management as an adaptive strategy against potential microclimate extremes in coffeepopular!Tooltip 17.10.2011 Clicks: 1222
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