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file icon Managing for Resilience Framing an integrated landscape approach for overcoming chronic and acute fopopular!Tooltip 22.06.2015 Clicks: 758

Integrated landscape management (ILM) can be used in countless ecosystems to address a variety of needs. But there is a special challenge and imperative to build socio-ecologically resilient landscapes in áreas where chronic food insecurity is deeply connected with resource risk and degradation. I encourage ILM leaders to consider more explicitly elements of ILM that can enhance food security for the most vulnerable in their landscapes.


By: Louise E. Buck and Ian D. Bailey.


The Landscapes for People, Food and Nature. 2014

file icon The adaptation and mitigation potential of traditional agriculture in a changing climatepopular!Tooltip 22.06.2015 Clicks: 1157

In this paper we explore a number of ways in which three key traditional agroecological strategies (biodiversification, soil management and water harvesting) can be implemented in the design and management of agroecosystems allowing farmers to adopt a strategy that both increases resilience and provides economic benefits, including mitigation of global warming. 


By: Miguel A. Altieri, Clara I. Nicholls.


Climatic Change. August, 2013

file icon Agroecology and the design of climate change-resilient farming systemspopular!Tooltip 22.06.2015 Clicks: 684

The identification of systems that have withstood climatic events recently or in the past and understanding the agroecological features of such systems that allowed them to resist and/or recover from extreme events is of increased urgency, as the derived resiliency principles and practices that underlie successful farms can be disseminated to thousands of farmers via Campesino a Campesino networks to scale up agroecological practices that enhance the resiliency of agroecosystems. The effective diffusion of agroecological technologies will largely determine how well and how fast farmers adapt to climate change.


By: Miguel A. Altieri, Clara I. Nicholls, Alejandro Henao, Marcos A. Lana.


Agron. Sustain. Dev. January, 2015

file icon Strengthening resilience of modern farming systemspopular!Tooltip 08.04.2014 Clicks: 1105

Strengthening resilience of modern farming systems: A key prerequisite for sustainable agricultural production in an era of climate change,


By: Miguel A. Altieri, Parviz Koohafkan and Clara Nicholls



Third World Network 2014

file icon Farming and Land Use to Cool the Planetpopular!Tooltip 15.01.2013 Clicks: 605

Human well-being is wrapped up with how food is produced. Ingenious systems were developed over the past century to supply food, with remarkable reliability, to a good portion of the world’s 6.7 billion people. But these systems need a fundamental restructuring over the next few decades to establish sustainable food systems that both slow and are resilient to climate change.


By: Sara J. Scherr and Sajal Sthapit


Worldwatch Institute 2009

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