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file icon Enduring Farms Climate Change, Smallholders and Traditional Farming Communitiespopular!Tooltip 08.05.2011 Clicks: 1381
file icon Climate-related disaster opens a window of opportunity for rural poor in northeastern Honduraspopular!Tooltip 04.02.2012 Clicks: 621
file icon Climate change: linking adaptation and mitigation through agroforestrypopular!Tooltip 28.12.2011 Clicks: 734
Agriculture is the human enterprise that is most vulnerable to climate change. Tropical agriculture, particularly subsistence agriculture is particularly vulnerable, as smallholder farmers do not have adequate resources to adapt to climate change. While agroforestry may play a significant role in mitigating the atmospheric accumulation of greenhouse gases (GHG), it also has a role to play in helping smallholder farmers adapt to climate change.
file icon building resilience for an unpredictable future: how organic agriculture can help farmers adapt to cpopular!Tooltip 08.10.2011 Clicks: 688
file icon Biodiversity, ecosystem function, and resilience: ten guiding principles for commodity productionpopular!Tooltip 28.12.2011 Clicks: 594
Biodiversity conservation in forestry and agricultural landscapes is important because (1) reserves alone will not protect biodiversity; (2) commodity production relies on vital services provided by biodiversity; and (3) biodiversity enhances resilience, or a system’s capacity to recover from external pressures such as droughts or management mistakes. We suggest ten guiding principles to help maintain biodiversity, ecosystem function, and resilience in production landscapes.
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