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file icon Managing for Resilience Framing an integrated landscape approach for overcoming chronic and acute fopopular!Tooltip 22.06.2015 Clicks: 758

Integrated landscape management (ILM) can be used in countless ecosystems to address a variety of needs. But there is a special challenge and imperative to build socio-ecologically resilient landscapes in áreas where chronic food insecurity is deeply connected with resource risk and degradation. I encourage ILM leaders to consider more explicitly elements of ILM that can enhance food security for the most vulnerable in their landscapes.


By: Louise E. Buck and Ian D. Bailey.


The Landscapes for People, Food and Nature. 2014

file icon Innovations in Sustainable Agriculture: Supporting Climate-Friendly Food Productionpopular!Tooltip 15.01.2013 Clicks: 562

By tapping into the multitude of climate-friendly farming practices that already exist, agriculture can continue to supply food for the human population, as well as income for the world’s 1.3 billion farmers. Climate-friendly agriculture also can play a critical role in the global reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the mitigation of climate change.


By: Laura Reynolds and Danielle Nierenberg


Worldwatch Institute 2012

file icon Gender and climate change research in agriculture and food security for rural developmentpopular!Tooltip 12.04.2012 Clicks: 634

FAO and the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) have jointly developed the Training Guide for Gender and Climate Change Research in Agriculture and Food Security for Rural Development.

The Guide provides users with resources and participatory action research tools for collecting, analysing and sharing gender-sensitive information about agricultural communities, households and individuals who are facing climate changes.

file icon Food an climate change: the forgoteen linkpopular!Tooltip 01.11.2011 Clicks: 633
file icon Farming and Land Use to Cool the Planetpopular!Tooltip 15.01.2013 Clicks: 605

Human well-being is wrapped up with how food is produced. Ingenious systems were developed over the past century to supply food, with remarkable reliability, to a good portion of the world’s 6.7 billion people. But these systems need a fundamental restructuring over the next few decades to establish sustainable food systems that both slow and are resilient to climate change.


By: Sara J. Scherr and Sajal Sthapit


Worldwatch Institute 2009

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